Barber/Cosmo Crossover Course 

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Barber/Cosmo Crossover Course Curriculum

The curriculum for students enrolled in a barber/cosmo course for cosmetologists shall consist of a minimum of two hundred (200) clock hours of technical instruction and practical operations covering those barber practices that are not a part of the required training or practice of a cosmetologist.for the purpose of this section, technical instruction shall mean by demonstration lecture classroom participation or examination; practical operation shall mean the actual performance by the student of a complete service on another person or on a mannequin the training shall include sufficient training in the various aspects of barbering to prepare the student properly for the barber examination and to provide barber services in an establishment. Upon completion of the 200m hour course the school shall provide a completion notice to the student who completed the course and proof of training document pursuant to section 909 the 200-clock hour course shall include a minimum of 100 clock hours of technical instruction (lecture, demonstration, classroom participation/and or examination), and the following minimum specified practical operations.




















































Admission Requirements

To enroll a couple of key items are needed.

  • Government-issued picture identification

  • Social Security or ITIN Card

  • High school Diploma, or College diploma, or Highschool transcript, or College transcript (Clearly Stating that you have met all graduation requirements), or GED, or California state proficiency test, or its equivalent

  • If homeschooled, A valid certification document provided by the state in which you were Home Schooled must be provided and it must be equivalent to a high school diploma.

  • For students that graduated high school outside of the U.S. s/he must have the High School Diploma translated into English by an outside agency qualified to translate documents into English and confirm the academic equivalence to a U.S.High School Diploma

  • For licensed cosmetologist, a valid cosmetology license in addition to the above-listed requirements is required for admissions

Required Hours: 200 Total Hours



Barber/Cosmo Act & Regulations  /  40 Hours

Barbering Chemistry  /  10 Hours

Health/Safety/Hazardous  /  45 Hours

Theory of Electricity  /  5 Hours

Disinfection & Sanitation  /  50 Hours

Bacteriology, Anatomy & Physiology  /  15 Hours

T-Haircutting  /  20 Hours

Hairstyling, Curling & Blow Drying  /  65 Hours

Shaving  /  100 Hours

Facials  /  5 Hours

Shampooing & Draping  /  5 Hours

Scalp Manipulations  /  5 Hours

Permanent Waving & Chemical Straightening  /  40 Hours

Hair Coloring & Bleaching  /  60 Hours

Barbering Management Training  / 15 Hours


Disinfection / Sanitation  /  10 Hours

Haircutting  /  200 Hours

Hairstyling, Curling & Blow Dry  /  240 Hours

Shaving  /  40 Hours

Facials  /  20 Hours

Shampoos  /  20 Hours

Scalp Manipulations  /  20 Hours

Permanent Waving & Chemical Straightening  /  105 Hours

Hair Coloring & Bleaching  /  50 Hours

Additional Training  /  20 Hours