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About us

San Diego, Ca | Barber College


Family and Veteran Owned/Operated

Become part of the family here at RUBC!

About us

Established in 2015, Riggins Urban Barber College quickly became a powerhouse in the hair game. Riggins Urban Barber College resides in the heart of San Diego’s Southeast Community. In only 8 years Riggins Urban Barber College became a cornerstone for the community. Annual Turkey drives, and frequent participation in community events helps to solidify the Barber School’s impact in the community. 


Here at Riggins Urban Barber College we strive to impact the people that help us grow. We serve a diverse group of people. This bustling diversity is reflected in our student atmosphere as well as our management staff. We are one of the most diverse schools in San Diego. We promote a culture of wellness and togetherness that makes the bonds made here at Riggins Urban Barber College bonds that many keep for life. 


RUBC is also Veteran Owned. There is a structure that is implemented within the programming of the Barber Course that is not found anywhere else. This also makes the transition from Military to Barbering a breeze. We are Family owned and operated, again instilling values that are key to being a successful barber. And because of these family values here at RUBC we are flexible. Jerry Riggins, the Owner of RUBC has Six Children! He could not have successfully run a Barber College without some flexibility! 


Come join the family and let's see what you can do.

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