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San Diego, Ca | Barber Program


1000- 1500 Hours

Pick up the clippers and experience how it truly feels to become your own boss

Barber Course Curriculum

 Welcome to our cutting-edge urban barber program, where we've got not one, but two game-changing training options perfectly tailored to suit your goals and licensing dreams. Our 1000-hour program is the ultimate ticket to California licensure, honing your skills to perfection and igniting your journey in the local barbering industry. But hey, if you've got bigger dreams and want to take your buzz to new heights across state lines, our extraordinary 1500-hour program is the way to go!


Flexibility is our middle name, catering to your busy urban lifestyle with two killer schedules: the daytime hustle, running from 9 am to 3 pm, and the after-dark grind, kicking off from 3 pm to 9 pm. Get ready to vibe with our seasoned instructors and cutting-edge facilities, paving the way to your urban barber success story. Don't wait any longer – join our crew today and unlock your full potential, setting the urban barbering world ablaze!

1000 Hour Program

Check it, this 1000-hour program is the fast track to get you licensed in California, no time to waste! It's all about hustling hard for those who wanna jump in and make their mark in the barber game, and trust, you'll be taking it by storm. Don't wait around, seize this opportunity to level up and hit the streets as a licensed California barber, ready to slay the game like a true boss!

Completion Time: 8 months








$ 12,000.00





$ 15,167.50 

Admission Requirements

  • Government-issued picture identification

  • Social Security or ITIN Card

  • High school Diploma, or College diploma, or Highschool transcript, or College transcript (Clearly Stating that you have met all graduation requirements), or GED, or California state proficiency test, or its equivalent

  • If homeschooled, A valid certification document provided by the state in which you were Home Schooled must be provided and it must be equivalent to a high school diploma.

  • For students that graduated high school outside of the U.S. s/he must have the High School Diploma translated into English by an outside agency qualified to translate documents into English and confirm the academic equivalence to a U.S.High School Diploma

  • For licensed cosmetologist, a valid cosmetology license in addition to the above-listed requirements is required for admissions



220 Euclid Ave. Suite #120, San Diego, CA 92114

+1 (619) 701-7032


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Course Hour Objectives


Barber/Cosmo Act & Regulations  /  40 Hours

Barbering Chemistry  /  10 Hours

Health/Safety/Hazardous  /  45 Hours

Theory of Electricity  /  5 Hours

Disinfection & Sanitation  /  50 Hours

Bacteriology, Anatomy & Physiology  /  15 Hours

T-Haircutting  /  20 Hours

Hairstyling, Curling & Blow Drying  /  65 Hours

Shaving  /  100 Hours

Facials  /  5 Hours

Shampooing & Draping  /  5 Hours

Scalp Manipulations  /  5 Hours

Permanent Waving & Chemical Straightening  /  40 Hours

Hair Coloring & Bleaching  /  60 Hours

Barbering Management Training  / 15 Hours


Disinfection / Sanitation  /  10 Hours

Haircutting  /  200 Hours

Hairstyling, Curling & Blow Dry  /  240 Hours

Shaving  /  40 Hours

Facials  /  20 Hours

Shampoos  /  20 Hours

Scalp Manipulations  /  20 Hours

Permanent Waving & Chemical Straightening  /  105 Hours

Hair Coloring & Bleaching  /  50 Hours

Additional Training  /  20 Hours

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