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Military Heroes Haircuts

August 3rd, 2019. 

The students went out and killed this! We were so excited to be there. The students learned the best ways to interact with non-regular clients, and how to handle very busy and compact situations. They struggled through the first bit, but once they got a hang of it, there was no stopping them. Thank you to all the veterans that have served. And a huge shoutout to The Rock Church for helping put this all together!

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$10 Services

Everything and Anything $10

We offer superior student supervised services by our industry leading instructors. 


Services include but are not limited to: 

Men's Haircuts

Men's Shaving

Women's Haircuts

Women's Hairstyling

Hair coloring/dyeing


We do not currently offer appointments. Walk-in Only.

Still, feel free to call ahead to check wait times and let us know you're coming! 

Both Locations offer the same services. We encourage you to check them out and see which one you like better!

Southeast Campus Location

220 Euclid Ave

San Diego, CA 92114

Southbay Campus Location

1609 Palm Ave

San Diego CA 92154

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