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Campus Crime / Safety and Emergencies

In order to comply with the Jeanne Clery Act, all Title IV campuses are required to complete an annual security report so that students and/or the public can be informed of any crime statistics that occurred on campus or surrounding areas. This report is prepared by Riggins Urban Barber College personnel in cooperation with law enforcement agencies in those areas where the institution is located. 
To Report A Crime 

Please report all crimes/suspect of crimes to the owner, administrator or instructor of RUBC.  For non-emergencies situations please call (619) 701-7032.  For emergencies dial 911. Any suspicious activity or person seen loitering inside or around the institutions building should be reported. All reports will be investigated. Violations of the law will be referred to the San Diego Police Department.
Safety and Security Information

Our goal is to provide students, staff and guests with a safe environment in which to learn and to keep students, staff and the public informed about campus security.  The Clery Act requires institutions of higher education to provide students, staff and the public with information they need to make informed decisions.  The following policies and procedures are established to comply with the Clery Act.

In event that a situation arises, and it is established as an ongoing threat, a campus wide notification will be issued and the San Diego Police Department will be contacted if necessary.  The notification will be issued through in-school announcements, through text message and any other means deemed appropriate by the owner and/or administrator. Anyone with information warranting a notification should report the circumstances in person to the owner, administrator or instructor of RUBC.
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Reporting Crime Statistics

Campus crime, arrest and referral statistics include those reported to the San Diego Department, owner, administrator or instructor of RUBC, and/or other law enforcement agencies. Each year, this information is distributed to all enrolled students and employees and also available at
Confidential Reporting

Riggins Urban Barber College encourages anyone who is a victim or witness to any crime to report the incident as soon as possible. All reports will be investigated. The school does not have procedures for voluntary, confidential reporting of crime statistics.  Violation of the law will be referred to the San Diego Police Department.  When a potentially dangerous threat to the school community arises, timely reports or warnings will be issued.

Access to Campus

Riggins Urban Barber College is accessible to students and the general public during the hours of approximately 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Tuesday thru Saturday.  Outside of these hours the premises are key locked with an alarm system and is only accessible to those with security permission. Campus Security Authority and Jurisdiction
Riggins Urban Barber College attempts to provide a safe, secure educational environment for all students, staff and the public.  The school does not provide security guards on its campus premises.  School officials have no law enforcement powers and will contact the San Diego Police Department as needed.  The campus has audio and visual cameras throughout the school for your safety and security.
Security Awareness Programs

All newly enrolled students participate in a mandatory student orientation held the first day of school.  Any updated information may be provided to students and employees through postings on, in-class announcements, and other means deemed appropriate by the school owner and/or administrator. We do not offer programs designed to inform students, staff and/or the public about crime prevention.
Crime Activity Off Campus

Riggins Urban Barber College does not participate in off campus activity. We do not provide law enforcement services to off campus activities.
Emergency Response and Evacuation

In event of emergency, (fire, bomb threat, earthquake, etc.) the owner, administrator and/or instructor will declare the emergency and the school will immediately call for assistance from the local police and/or fire department.  If necessary, notification will be sent to students, staff and the public thru text messages and/or posting to the school’s Instagram page.  The institution will, without delay, and take into account the safety of the community, determine the content of the notification, then initiate the notification system, unless issuing a notification will, in professional judgment or responsible authorities, compromise efforts to assist a victim or to contain, respond to, or otherwise diminish the emergency.
If an emergency should occur, student, staff and guest must:

  • Evacuate the building immediately in an orderly fashion, unless instructed to remain

  • indoors for an emergency outside the building.

  • Assist anybody who may need help.

  • Walk as far away from the building as possible, unless instructed to remain indoors for

  • an emergency outside the building.

  • Do not grab personal belongings.

  • If you have to evacuate the building, do not try to re-enter the building until staff member

  • and/or fire/police officials have given the all clear.

  • If you have to evacuate the building do not leave without notifying a member of the staff. 


From time to time, the school may conduct fire and/or tornado drills.  Everyone mustfollow normal procedures in evacuating the building during a fire drill.  Remember: In any emergency situation be calm, courteous and listen to instructions.

Domestic, Dating Violence, Stalking and Sexual Assault

Sexual harassment may include, but not entirely limited to, sexual assault, domestic and/or dating violence and stalking as defined below:

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault is a form of sexual harassment.  A range of conduct falls into the category of sexual assault, including without limitation sexual violence, battery, coercion, rape or other sexual contact involving force, threat, intimidation or without consent.
Consent means informed, freely given agreement, communicated by clearly understandable works or actions, to participate in each form of sexual activity.  Consent cannot infer from silence, passivity, or lack of active resistance. 

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence means a felony or misdemeanor crime of violence committed by:

  • A current or former spouse or intimate partner of the victim.

  • A person with whom a victim shares a child in common.

  • A person who is cohabitating with or has cohabitated with the victim as a spouse or

  • intimate partner.

  • A person similarly situated to a spouse of the victim under the domestic or family

  • violence law of the State of California, or

  • Any other person against an adult or youth victim who is protected from that person’s act

  • under the domestic or family violence laws and jurisdiction.

Dating Violence

Dating violence means violence committed by a person who is or has been in a social relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with the victim; and where the existence of such a relationship shall be determined based on consideration of the following factors:

  • The length of the relationship;

  • The type of relationship; and

  • The frequency of interaction between the persons involved in the relationship.


Stalking means engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to:

  • Fear for his/her safety or the safety of others; or

  • Suffer substantial emotional distress.

Riggins Urban Barber College provides a domestic violence and sexual assault service training, which provides professional training and prevention education.  All students and staff will be required to complete this training.
If you are a victim of sexual assault, stalking, domestic or dating violence at Riggins Urban Barber College your first priority should be to get to a place of safety.  You should obtain medical treatment, if necessary.  Riggins Urban Barber College strongly advocates that a victim reports the incident in a timely manner to a school official, such as the owner, administrator and/or staff member.  Time is a critical factor for evidence collection and preservation.  Reporting to school officials would not obligate the victim to prosecute, nor will it subject the
victim to scrutiny or judgmental opinions.  Filing a police report will:

  • Ensure that a victim receives necessary medical treatment and tests,

  • Provide the opportunity for collection of evidence helpful in prosecution, which cannot be

  • obtained later, and

  • Assure the victim has access to confidential counseling from counselors specifically

  • trained in the area of sexual assault crisis intervention, stalking, domestic or dating

  • violence.

When a victim contacts a Riggins Urban Barber College official, the San Diego Police Department will be notified, unless the victim specifically requests the school not to; the school will require that the request be in writing.  In cases where the accused is another student and/or staff member, the victim may choose for the investigation be pursued through the criminal justice system and the school’s disciplinary procedures, or only the latter.  School officials will guide the victim through the available options and support the victim in his/her decision.
Where the accused is another student or staff member the school will provide a prompt, fair and impartial investigation, and resolution.  The accuser and the accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have others present during the disciplinary proceeding.  Both the accuser and the accused must be informed of the outcome of any institutional disciplinary proceedings in writing.  The school will use the majority of the standard to the factual allegations.  For the purpose of this paragraph, the outcome of a disciplinary proceeding means, only the institution’s final determination, with respect to the alleged offense and any sanction that is imposed against the accused.  A student or staff member found guilty of sexual or any other misconduct may be terminated. Our institution is obligated to comply with student’s request for assistance with an academic, living, transportation and/or working situation change following an alleged sexual assault, if such change is reasonably available.

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 799-SAFE (7233)

  • National Sexual Assault Hotline (800) 656-HOPE (4673)

Sex Offender Registration

Riggins Urban Barber College is providing information for student, staff and the public to obtain information regarding registered sex offenders.The California Sex Offender registry is located at

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Illegal drugs and/or alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises of any Title IV school. Any student found having possession of, sale of, or under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol while on the school premises, including the parking lot, will be terminated immediately, and may also be subject to local, state and federal prosecution and legal sanctions. This also includes prescription drugs which may alter the mind and/or motor skills. 



The College makes the following information available to its students, staff, and instructors. Any individual associated with Urban Barber College, who is seeking information, counseling, or assistance concerning Drug Abuse and/or Prevention may call or visit the following agency: Alvarado Parkway Institute, 7050 Parkway Dr. La Mesa, CA 91942 (619) 667-6125


















































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