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Enroll in our barber college today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in the Barbering industry!

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Barber Program

Expertly designed program, full of hands on instruction. As well as mental, visual and verbal instruction in the classroom. Molding you to become the best barber you can be. 

1000- 1500 Hours


Crossover Program

For the Cosmetologist that just couldn't get enough. For the one that wants to deepen their bag and truly master the art of hairstyling 

200 Hours


Financial Aid

Paying for College can be tough. We recognize this. Here at Riggins Urban Barber College we offer flexible payment options. We are NACCAS accredited. We offer federal student aid and/or Military and VA benefits for those who qualify. We also help students secure scholarships. Do not let a number stop you from chasing your dream. 



220 Euclid Ave. Suite #120, San Diego, CA 92114

+1 (619) 701-7032


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Frequently Asked Questions

       Why Become a Barber?

       Is Barbering Right For You?

       How Long Does the Barber Program Take?

       Can You work While Attending College?

       Externship or Apprenticeships?


Welcome to Riggins Urban Barber College, and thank you for taking the time to consider us in assisting you in obtaining your desired Barbering education.


“Our goal is to help you discover your ability to transform your life through our Barber Training Programs.”

At Riggins Urban Barber College, we will provide each student with a high-quality Barbering Education, in an environment conducive to attending real-world skills by adopting a steadfast approach.

We place a very high emphasis on how to be successful in the marketplace, and in every operation necessary to create the lifestyle you desire.


Your training will include the practice of barbering, barbershop management, learning business concepts, and the psychology of personal success.


It would be a pleasure to have you enroll at Riggins Urban Barber College.


Remember education is your investment in your future.



Jerry Riggins 



Why Our San Diego Barber College Campus?

Riggins Urban Barber College is one of the premiere barber College San Diego CA has to offer. Located in southeast San Diego, RUBC is all about giving back to the community. Though, the Southeast part of San Diego is not the most affluent part of San Diego, the beauty of our Southeast San Diego Campus lies in the fact that it is host to a wide array of different clientele to help the process of learning to cut hair. A head might come into the College with dry kinky hair, while another head might come in with long silky hair. All the same we take pride in taking care of our community. The community takes care of our College, so taking care of our community is vital to the process of our barber course. Students get hands-on training in the business of dealing with people of all different backgrounds. It gives students practice on all different types of customers. Barbers develop the skills to take barbering from a passion or hobby into a fulfilling career. Our training has helped build over +10 alumni barbershops all across San Diego. Make a career in the barber industry and take over San Diego CA.

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